Who We Are

Image Credit: Ben Young Landis

Capital Science Communicators is an association of science writers and communicators serving California’s Capital Region — Sacramento, Davis, and beyond.

As a social and professional network, CapSciComm seeks to connect professionals and students in journalism, public relations, creative, policy, public science, and research. We hope to encourage the exchange of ideas and opportunities across all fields that intersect with the need and practice of science communication.

Our Mission: To connect science communicators in the Capital Region with resources and networks for professional development. 

Our Vision: To sustain science literacy across communities in the Capital Region through the support of science communication professionals.

(Read our 2020 organizational relaunch charter for our framework and goals.)

The Sacramento region is home to UC Davis, Sacramento State, Los Rios Community College District, and myriad state and federal science agencies. It is fed by the Sierras, the twin rivers, Central Valley agriculture, and wine country industry. It is the forge for our state’s environmental and technology policies, and it continues to nurture companies and entrepreneurs in tech, health, and aerospace.

All these qualities make our region a vibrant, critical hub of science, medicine, technology, and policy — and underscore the need for an active, engaged network of science communicators. We invite you to join us in our mission to #KeepScienceSpicy for California’s capital city and beyond!

QUESTIONS? Email the CapSciComm Board at admin@capscicomm.org.

Meet Our Leadership: The 2020-2021 CapSciComm Executive Board

(Click here for bios of current Board Members and emeritus members)

  • President – Cory Warshaw
  • Vice President – Daniel Erenstein
  • Secretary – Patty Bolan
  • Treasurer – Allie Weill PhD
  • Membership Officer – Pratik Gandhi
  • Communications Officer – Evan Brady

Founding Members: Lisa Auchincloss, Ben Young Landis, Becky Oskin (April 12, 2013)

CapSciComm is a founding member of the Congress of Regional Science Writers Groups (SciWriCongress)

About Our Name: “CapSciComm” takes its name after the pepper plant genus Capsicum—a nod to the Central Valley’s horticultural heritage — and continues a theme of science writers networks with organism mascots (SCONC, SWINY, DCSWA). The pepper mascot’s shape is stylized to mirror the outline of the State of California.