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When Capital Science Communicators was established in 2013, it was with the community in mind — a new network where we can pool our collective expertise and enthusiasm for science communication, and a chance to pay it forward to colleagues and students seeking encouragement.

The success of our network is in our membership. As members, you bring the genuine energy and diverse perspectives we need to shape and lead our CapSciComm community. The need to nurture great scicomm and science literacy in the Sacramento region remains — and you can play your part!

Why Dues: Running an efficient and energetic volunteer organization takes time and money. Member dues will go towards covering our baseline costs (e.g. domain registration, Google Drive, member swag, venue rental fees). More importantly, building a treasury will open the door for exciting new programming possibilities — such as student scholarships, special events, or annual mixers with other local societies.

Membership Tiers and Benefits

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Professional Member

Annual Dues: $10.00

Sending and receiving privileges to Members-Only Listserv.

Free or reduced rates for CapSciComm events with fees.

Invitations to Member-Only events, programs, and resources.

Eligibility to run in Executive Board elections.

Eligibility to volunteer for Committees.

Access to private CapSciComm Member Directory.

Student Member

Annual Dues: $5.00

All privileges of Professional Members.

Eligibility to apply for student-only programs (under development).

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Community Member

Annual Dues: No Charge

Receive news and updates via our Community Listserv.

Full rates for CapSciComm events and programs with fees.

Ineligible for Executive Board or Committees.

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Memberships are on calendar year terms (January to December).

Renewals and new memberships processed in November or later will automatically extend for the full term of the next calendar year.

Questions about membership? Contact the Executive Board at