@CapSciComm colleagues tweetup and meet expats from @SCONC

Last Thursday’s CapSciComm tweetup welcomed old members and new connections, thanks to the tie-in by Dr. Holly Bik (@hollybik) to her UC Davis social media workshop for researchers.

Social media novices learned the meaning of “tweetups” — Twitter meetups, that is — and the fun of putting faces to Twitter handles behind the tweets. People/handles in attendance included @pollinatorfarm, @younglandis, @sara_kross, @schwessinger, and @geneticxpns.

Notably, we were joined by two recent transplants from the Science Communicators of North Carolina group: @bgrassbluecrab and @SFriedScientist.

Co-founders of the marine science blog Southern Fried Science and among the pioneering wave of researcher-bloggers, Dr. Amy Freitag and Dr. Andrew Thaler are now residing in Northern California, and are eager to make connections with marine researchers and science communicators here in our region. Please welcome them to the CapSciComm community!

— Ben Young Landis



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