Lodi “Science Night Live” Café Sips Up Stunning Serpents On February 4th


Lodi’s “Science Night Live” science café series is slithering back this February with a heaping of herpetology!

“Stunning Serpents and Celebrated Salientians: Studying Reptiles and Amphibians in NorCal”
Science Night Live with the WOW
Wednesday, February 4th, 2015
6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
World of Wonders Science Museum
2 North Sacramento Street, Lodi
Free to attend
Food and beverages available for purchase
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This month’s guest is Dr. Brian Halstead, an ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey based in Dixon. Dr. Halstead conducts research on protected reptile and amphibian species in the Central Valley, Bay Area, and the Sierras, including the threatened giant gartersnake, native to the Sacramento Valley, and the endangered San Francisco gartersnake, native to San Mateo County.

Dr. Halstead will show us how scientists track and follow the whereabouts of these elusive creatures, and talk about the alarming decline of frog populations across the country. And he’ll tell us what the heck a “salientian” is!

As always, expect the evening to be interactive with hands-on activities—attentive minds will be rewarded during the trivia round at the end! So grab a friend and a beer, and drink up some science with us at the WOW Science Museum!

Debuting in November 2014, Science Night Live is the latest science café series joining the local public science scene. The evening science experience is organized by the World of Wonders Science Museum and are held on the first Wednesday of each month. Contact Nick Gray (nick@wowsciencemuseum.org) for details.

Browse our photo gallery and coverage of the inaugural SNL evening, and learn more about local science cafés at www.capscicomm.org/local-science-cafes.

The giant gartersnake is the largest gartersnake species and is only found in the Central Valley. It’s the topic of the February 2015 Science Night Live science café in Lodi. (Photo Credit: Lily Douglas/USFWS)


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