Science Café Events in the Sacramento Region in December

“Let There Be Light: Synchrotrons Illuminate Catalyst Science”
Davis Science Café

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019
5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
G Street WunderBar
228 G St, Davis, California 95616
Complimentary soft drinks courtesy of the UCD College of Letters and Science

Each month, Professor Jared Shaw with the UC Davis Department of Chemistry hosts the Davis Science Café, featuring scientists who are studying some of today’s cutting edge topics. This month’s speaker is Prof. Simon Bare and Dr. Adam Hoffman in the Department of Chemical Engineering and the SLAC National Accelerator Lab, who study important catalysts and catalytic systems. Invite a friend, and get here early to grab a seat at G. Street Wunderbar. Let’s drink to science!

Abstract: Catalytic processes are responsible for the high standard of living which we enjoy. However, in order to move beyond a petroleum-based catalytic economy we need to discover new catalysts for a sustainable future. But how do catalysts work? Using light from the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Light-source we probe the atomic level structure of catalysts to gain understanding of their function.

Contact Professor Jared Shaw for more information, at



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