SciComm Careers Roundtable

Curious about what professional SciComm opportunities are possible for you? Then join us virtually, this Wednesday April 20th where we will be having a SciComm Roundtable. We will be joined by local experts each representing a different SciComm field. Register for the Zoom meeting here. Speakers Colin Murphy Colin Murphy is the Deputy Director of theContinue reading “SciComm Careers Roundtable”

Five Minute Science: How Do We Know…?

CapSciComm invites you to join us for our second installment of Five Minute Science, on Wednesday March 17, from 12-1pm PST! The theme is “How Do We Know…?” Speakers will give a succinct talk on a scientific topic, the results of which may be considered common knowledge, but the discovery of which may not be.Continue reading “Five Minute Science: How Do We Know…?”

Election Results: Announcing the 2020-21 CapSciComm Executive Board!

Announcing our election results and the next leadership group of Capital Science Communicators!