Register for the New CapSciComm #SpiceUpSci Workshop for Scientists, June 17th in Davis

To meet the rising demand for science café speakers in the Sacramento region, Capital Science Communicators is launching a new professional development series: the CapSciComm #SpiceUpSci Workshop. Taught by CapSciComm Public Science Chair Nick Gray, the series debuts June 17th. Registration is currently open and ends Friday, June 16th.

CapSciComm #SpiceUpSci Workshop
Saturday, June 17th, 2017
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Sudwerk Brewing Company
2001 2nd Street, Davis, CA 95618
Featuring @Street Cravings food truck for lunch purchases!
Sudwerk beer sales begin at noon!

Registration and Payment Link:
Professional Rate: $20 | Student Rate: $10
Workshop fees contribute to CapSciComm logistics and future programming

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The new series is primarily tailored for science professionals and students who need public engagement practice. An emphasis is made on the “science café” format of public outreach, and workshop graduates will be encouraged to pitch their skills as speakers to science café series here in the Sacramento region. However, the skills learned will be readily transferable to professional presentations, outreach fairs, everyday conversation, and other venues for explaining science to audiences in or outside of your technical field.

The workshop series will launch in Davis, but future offerings will rotate among locations within the greater Sacramento region. These fun, interactive, all-day courses will be led by Nick Gray, Education Director at the World of Wonder Science Museum, a frequent guest on Sacramento TV and radio programs and a former middle school science teacher with more than 15 years of formal and informal science education experience. Workshop participants will:

  • Enhance their science communication skills in a dynamic, engaging, and participatory setting.
  • Meet a community of fellow scientists who are interested in public education.
  • Learn about opportunities to connect with the community.
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion from Capital Science Communicators.

Face-to-face interactions between scientists and public audiences are crucial opportunities for improving general awareness and understanding of scientific knowledge, current research, and societal applications. Let us share with you our insights as scicomm professionals, so you can help sustain science literacy among citizens and decision makers in the Capital Region. Join us, and let’s spice up science!

For more information, please contact CapSciComm Public Science Chair Nick Gray ( or CapSciComm Professional Development Chair Katie Rodger (



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