CapSciComm Networking Social, January 30th: The Rise of CapSciComm

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This January, we cordially invite you to join us for a special Capital Science Communicators gathering to discuss the future of our professional network.

CapSciComm Networking Social
Thursday, January 30, 2020
5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
YOLO Brewing Company
1520 Terminal Street, West Sacramento, California

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As CapSciComm approaches its seventh birthday in 2020, we have much to celebrate. The time would seem ripe for our humble organization — founded, managed, and led by hardworking individuals in their spare time over the years — to enter a new era and phase of operations.

Starting this month, we will begin rolling out our 2020 Reorganization Plan. We want to reinvigorate everyone’s community investment in Capital Science Communicators — creating more opportunities for volunteer participation and teeing up new member services and programming. In brief, the new era of CapSciComm will welcome:

  • MEMBERSHIP TIERS and DUES: Beginning January 30th, we will formalize CapSciComm membership with dues of $10 for professionals and $5 for students. Members will receive access to special events and listserv privileges, and be eligible to serve in Committees and run for Executive Board seats. Dues will cover ongoing costs and fund new initiatives.


  • EXECUTIVE BOARD ELECTIONS: Beginning in March 2020, we will open candidate nominations for the six positions in our reorganized Executive Board format. All seats will be open for nomination and election: 1) President, 2) Vice President, 3) Secretary, 4) Treasurer, 5) Membership Officer, and 6) Communications Officer. Elections will take place in May.


  • SERVICE COMMITTEES: Once the new Executive Board begins work in June, due-paying Members can sign up to volunteer on any number of committees — helping host events, programming, and dialogue in service to our community. Priority committees are: 1) Journalism, 2) Science Policy, 3) Public Science, 4) Mentorship, 5) PIO, 6) Social Media, and 7) National Outreach.

When CapSciComm was created seven years ago, it was with the community in mind — a new network where we can pool our collective expertise and enthusiasm for science communication, and a chance to pay it forward to colleagues and students seeking encouragement.

As we enter a new decade, we need new energy and diverse perspectives to shape and lead our CapSciComm community. The need to nurture great scicomm and science literacy in the Sacramento region remains — and you can play your part.

So, join us on Thursday, January 30th with your questions, curiosity, and ideas for this new era of scicomm in Sacramento. As always, feel free to bring a friend or colleague — indeed, this open welcome has been our greatest joy and reward all along.

Ben Young Landis, Becky Oskin, Nick Gray, Emily Underwood
The CapSciComm Executive Board