Virtual Movie Night Nov 22: My Octopus Teacher

Tired of thinking about and living through a pandemic in the human world? Wish you were swimming in the ocean with an octopus buddy? Now you can pretend you are for an hour and a half with CapSciComm! On Sunday, November 22 at 7pm PST, join us for a virtual viewing of My Octopus Teacher, a documentary which follows the unusual friendship of a filmmaker and an octopus in a South African kelp forest.

If you have a Netflix account, we encourage you to download the Chrome extension Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) to watch in sync on Sunday evening. If you do not have access to a Netflix account, we can share the movie through the Zoom meeting, but the quality may be slightly lower.

Please register ahead of time here. All ages and people are welcome, and we look forward to seeing you! Feel free to reach out with any questions!



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