The Pepper: Sacramento meetup scheduled for July 29th

The Pepper July 19, 2015 Welcome to the first issue of The Pepper! This is our experiment for an official newsletter format, to keep everyone updated on science communications news and events in and around the Capital Region. Send your updates to, and we’ll try for a weekly publication schedule and go from there.  WhetherContinue reading “The Pepper: Sacramento meetup scheduled for July 29th”

Diving after Antarctic corals in Downtown Lodi

My aunt, Dr. Amy Wagner, has been all over the globe in search of corals. Since 2005, she has collected hundreds of coral samples from places like the Gulf of Mexico, Micronesia, the Caribbean and Antarctica. As my father puts it, “She chose her career wisely.” Why she was running around the world plucking seaContinue reading “Diving after Antarctic corals in Downtown Lodi”