Lodi “Science Night Live” Evening Packs Up Alpaca Secrets on September 2nd


At the next “Science Night Live” science café in Lodi, we’re packin’ some alpaca science!

“Alpaca Hazmat Detectives: It’s In Their Genes!”
Science Night Live with the WOW
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
World of Wonders Science Museum
2 North Sacramento Street, Lodi
Free to attend
Wine/beer cash bar and food truck on site

Join/Share on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/112408289109418/

Our September guest is Candace Spier Bever, an environmental chemist at UC Davis specializing in developing tools to detect harmful chemicals. Spier Bever earned her Ph.D. in Marine Science from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science at the College of William and Mary. She is currently a posdtoctoral researcher and a program coordinator with the UC Davis Superfund Research Program, which studies how hazardous chemicals impact human health, and investigates ways to reduce exposure to these chemicals. Spier Bever is also an active leader in graduate student skills development, having led the “Translating Research” science communications seminar at UC Davis in recent years.

What’s utterly fascinating about Spier Bever’s research is that she is tapping into the biochemical secrets of the adorable alpaca—cousins to llamas and camels, and holding a secret power that could help scientists design new tools to detect toxic pollutants in our environment!

As always, expect this to be an interactive evening with hands-on games explaining science concepts—so you’ll be sure to have your hands full between the beer, tacos, and science. We’ll hear about the mysterious properties of alpaca chemistry, and maybe even get to meet our super special guest—Inky the Alpaca! So grab a friend after work, and drink up some science with us at the WOW Science Museum!

Debuting in Fall 2014, Science Night Live is the latest “science pub talk” series joining the Sacramento evening entertainment scene. They’re held on the first Wednesday of each month, hosted by Nick Gray of the World of Wonders Science Museum. Browse our photo gallery and coverage of the inaugural SNL evening, and learn more about science cafés in our region at www.capscicomm.org/local-science-cafes.

Contact the museum for directions and more information, at (209) 368-0969, or nick@wowsciencemuseum.org.



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