CapSciComm Networking Social, April 11: Happy Birthday CapSciComm!

Can’t believe it’s that time of year again. Join us this April in Sacramento as we gather for the 6th anniversary of CapSciComm’s founding! And helping us celebrate this birthday happy hour will be our journalist friends from the Sacramento reporters club “No Flacks Allowed” (NFA).

Capital Science Communicators Networking Social with NFA
Thursday, April 11, 2019
5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
1217 21st Street, Sacramento, California

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Capital Science Communicators was founded in 2013 to welcome all professionals and students whose work intersects with the communication of science, whether you work in journalism, public affairs, policymaking, creative and marketing, outreach and education, or scientific research. In the years since, we’ve built a vibrant community spanning both ends of the Yolo Causeway — connecting media with great science resources, guiding both students and professionals to career opportunities, and helping nurture public science events in the greater Sacramento region.

One of original goals for creating CapSciComm was to support quality science journalism for the Capital Region. Our vision of sustained science literacy among citizens and decision makers relies on a healthy community of media institutions and professionals in Sacramento, Davis, and beyond. As we wrote in our 2017 Board Statement: “The successful communication of knowledge — such as scientific findings — ensures that individuals, institutions, and societies can make the best possible decisions for their health, environment, and governance.”

This is why we are partnering with the NFA journalists club for this CapSciComm Networking Social. With anti-science and anti-journalism sentiments on the upswing, we scientists, science communicators, and reporters have a common challenge ahead of us. This special opportunity to bridge our respective memberships — united in our joint interest to gather evidence, analyze data, and share knowledge — isn’t to be missed. Let’s hear from our journalist colleagues about the state of their craft and careers, and let’s all create a welcoming space to exchange ideas and innovations in the communication of science, no matter what our job title may be.

So bring a friend — and come help us #KeepScienceSpicy for the Capital Region. Please RSVP to help us plan, and we’ll see you on April 11th in Sacramento!

— The CapSciComm Board



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