Election Results: Announcing the 2020-21 CapSciComm Executive Board!

A mosaic of portrait photos of six 2020 - 20201 Cap Sci Comm Board Members: Allie Weill, Cory Warshaw, Victoria Strait, Laura Gore, Pratik Gandhi, Patty Bolan.
Clockwise from top left square: Allie Weill, Cory Warshaw, Victoria Strait, Laura Gore, Pratik Gandhi, Patty Bolan

Dear CapSciComm Community —

This year, we set out to reorganize Capital Science Communicators to ensure its success and sustainability for years to come. We are so grateful to everyone who has joined us on this journey, especially to those of you who’ve already converted your membership to our new Professional and Student Member tiers.

We are even more thankful to the CapSciComm Members who volunteered to stand for our first-ever Executive Board elections, held earlier this August. Without further delay, it is our pleasure to announce your 2020-2021 CapSciComm Executive Board:

President – Allie Weill
Vice President – Cory Warshaw
Secretary – Victoria Strait
Treasurer – Laura Gore
Membership Officer – Pratik Gandhi
Communications Officer – Patty Bolan

Over the course of September, we will onboard these colleagues with our institutional knowledge and the frameworks of our new organizational charter. And frameworks they are — merely procedural guidance — as the new Executive Board will have full say over the direction and focus of CapSciComm programming these next 12 months.

Please give these talented, insightful, and energetic colleagues your warmest welcome — as well as a little patience as we complete this inaugural leadership transition. In this difficult year, the need to support science communicators is greater than ever, and the need to nurture science literacy in California’s Capital Region remains urgent. CapSciComm has always been about connecting people and resources — the little bits of glue that grow a vibrant, supportive network — and the vision offered by our new Board Members is exciting, inclusive, and welcoming.

We can’t wait to get this new era of CapSciComm community-building started. Let’s continue our journey to #KeepScienceSpicy for the greater Sacramento region. Onward!

Ben Young Landis
For the Departing CapSciComm Board
(Nick Gray, Becky Oskin, Emily Underwood)



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