Science Night Live (Archive)


Debuting in November 2014, the SCIENCE NIGHT LIVE series was created by Nick Gray, Education Director at the World of Wonders (WOW) Science Museum. Supported by the museum and promoted by CapSciComm, SCIENCE NIGHT LIVE is held at the museum located in Historic Downtown Lodion the first Wednesday of each month. It is free to the public and designed for adults of all ages.

SCIENCE NIGHT LIVE is an engaging science experience within a casual atmosphere for the curious minds in our community. It’s a great way for folks to wind down after work, meet up with fellow science enthusiasts, and mingle with a wide variety of scientists from our region. Swing by for some after-hours science!

NOTE: As of late 2017, the WOW Science Night Live series is no longer in operation. But CapSciComm is proud to archive its scicomm legacy in our region!


  • June 7: “Planetary Connections: How Earth Teaches Us About Other Worlds” with Jayce Pearson, NASA Solar System Ambassador (Poster)
  • May 3: “The Amphibian Extinction Crisis: What You Can Do About It” with Michael Starkey, Ecologist and SAVE THE FROGS! International Campaigns Coordinator (Poster | CapSciComm Promo)
  • April 5: “Seismic Resistant Structures: Why Buildings Shake When the Earth Quakes” with Hector Estrada, Pacific Civil Engineer (Poster | CapSciComm Promo)
  • February 1: “Nematode Need-to-Know: Roundworms Are All Around You” with Lauren Camp, UC Davis Parasitologist (Poster | CapSciComm Promo | Capital Public Radio Preview)
  • January 4: “Milking Alfalfa For All It’s Worth: The Role of Agriculture in Bird Conservation” with Khara Strum, Audubon California Conservation Project Manager (Poster | CapSciComm Promo | Capital Public Radio Preview)


  • December 7: “The Hardest Fun You’ll Ever Have: FIRST Robotics Competition” with Raptor Force Engineering Team 1662 of Jim Elliot High School (Poster | CapSciComm Promo)
  • November 2: “You Are Not Your Eating Disorder: The Neuroscience of Anorexia” with Erica Johnstone, psychology researcher and member of the speakers bureau for Stop Stigma Sacramento (Poster | CapSciComm Promo | Capital Public Radio Preview)
  • October 5: “At the Crossroads of Science & Politics: Analysis & Advocacy in Sustainable Transportation” with Dr. Colin Murphy, NextGen Climate America (Poster | CapSciComm Promo)
  • June 1: “Science Trivia Night!” with host Nick Gray (Poster | CapSciComm Promo)
  • May 4: “Sorting Facts from Truth: Science as a Way of Knowing” with Professor Kurtis Burmeister, University of the Pacific (Poster)
  • April 6: “The Science of Consequences” with Professor Susan Schneider, University of the Pacific (CapSciComm Promo | Capital Public Radio Preview)
  • March 2: “Plants Are What You Eat: The Botany and Beauty of Healthy Snacking” with Donnelly West, UC Davis (CapSciComm Promo)
  • February 3: “Subterranean Blues: The Resilience of California Groundwater” with Professor Laura Rademacher, University of the Pacific (CapSciComm Promo)
  • January 6: “Planetary Health: What You, Your Dog, and a River in Africa Have in Common” with Woutrina Smith, UC Davis (CapSciComm Promo)


  • December 3: “Carbon Dating: Old Ages and Present Uses” with Dr. John Knezovich, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Poster | CapSciComm Promo)
  • November 5: “Chemical Tinker Toys: How to Build New Antibiotics and Other Useful Molecules” with Professor Jared Shaw, UC Davis (Poster | CapSciComm Promo)


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