IMG_20160113_180838Hosted by Dr. Jared Shaw, UC Davis

The Davis Science Café series was founded in 2012 by Professor Jared Shaw with the UC Davis Department of Chemistry, initially supported by the National Science Foundation and currently supported by the UC Davis Department of Chemistry and UC Davis Division of Math & Physical Sciences, and promoted by CapSciComm.Over the years, the #DavisSciCafe has been held at the Arboretum, Crepeville, de Vere’s, and most recently has settled in at G. St. Wunderbar. Café topics have spanned the likes of milk science, wine science, sea level rise, hyperdimensional geometry, and coral reef ecology. So come on by, and let’s drink to science! Hosted on the second Wednesday of each month. Free to the public.
  • December 13: Title TBA with Dr. Louis Grivetti, UC Davis
  • November 8: Title TBA with Dr. Keith Baar, UC Davis
  • October 11: “What’s So Super About Supersymmetry?” with Dr. John Terning, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • September 13: “Organic Electronic Gizmos” with Dr. Adam Moulé, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • August 9: “Is It Really Green? Life Cycle Analysis of Almonds and Electric Vehicles” with Dr. Alissa Kendall, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • July 12: “The Chemistry of Tea and the California Tea Project” with Dr. Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo, Capital Public Radio Preview)
  • June 14: “Family Values: Some Lessons From the Rest of Life” with Dr. Richard Grosberg, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • May 10: “Unraveling the Mysteries of Chromosome Inheritance” with Dr. Sean Burgess, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • April 12: “Dare to Repair: From DNA Chemistry to Cancer and Back Again” with Dr. Sheila David, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo, Capital Public Radio Preview)
  • March 8: “Circadian Timing is Everything: From a Good Night’s Sleep to Minimizing Insecticide Use” with Dr. Joanna Chiu, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • February 8: “In Search of the Biggest Sofa: a Mathematical Mystery” with Dr. Dan Romik, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • January 11:  “Tools of The Pornithologist: Using Robots to Spy on the Sex Lives of Birds” with Dr. Gail Patricelli, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo, Capital Public Radio Preview)
  • December 14: “Science & Saving Coral Reefs” with Dr. Mike Gil, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • November 9: “Osteoarthritis – What is it and can we do something about it?” with Professor Dominik Haudenschild, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • October 12: “Deep Chemical Analysis of Human Milk: the Milky way, Evolution, and Personalized Nutrition” with Professor Carlito Lebrilla, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • September 14:  “Plant Sensing & Communication” with Professor Rick Karban, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • August 10: “Corn: Diversity and Origins” with Professor Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • July 13:  “Cancer – The Enemy Within” with Professor Ken Kaplan, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • June 8:  “Mendel, Mosquitoes & Malaria: Applying Modern Genetics to Control an Ancient Disease” with Professor Greg Lanzaro, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • May 11:  “Plant Power – Plant Natural Products as New Solutions for Medicine and Agriculture” with Professor Philip Zerbe, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • April 13: “How Common Human Activities Contribute to Emerging Infectious Diseases of Wildlife” with Professor Kevin Keel, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • March 9: “How Does Evolution Build a Complex Brain?” with Professor Leah Krubitzer, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • February 10: “The Science of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)” with Professor Richard Schultz, University of Pennsylvania (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • January 13: “Foraging for Mushrooms-Separating Facts from Fiction” with Professor Mike Davis, UC Davis (Poster, CapSciComm Promo)
  • November 13: “Can a Video Game Cure Disease? Re-Engineering Natural Systems to Solve Today’s Problems” with Professor Justin Siegel, UC Davis (Poster)
  • October 9: “Seabed to Bedside: New Medicines from Marine Organisms” with Professor Roger Linington, UC Santa Cruz (Poster)
  • August 14: “Chemical Tinker Toys: How to Build New Antibiotics and Other Useful Molecules” with Professor Jared Shaw, UC Davis (Poster)
  • July 12: “Chemistry of Wine and Wine Flavor” with Professor Sue Ebeler, UC Davis (Poster)
  • June 12: “Dangerous Leaking Radioactive Places” with Professor Bill Casey, UC Davis (Poster)
  • May 1: “Can Oil from Algae Power Your Car?” with Professor Annaliese Franz, UC Davis (Poster)
  • April 3: “From Butterflies to Blood Pressure and Beyond…” with Professor Bruce D. Hammock, UC Davis (Poster)
  • March 6: “How a New Form of Carbon (“Bucky” Balls) Changed Chemistry Forever!” with Professor Alan Balch, UC Davis (Poster)
  • February 6: “New Materials That Convert Heat Into Electricity” with Professor Susan Kauzlarich, UC Davis (Poster)
  • Janurary 9: “How are New Drugs to Treat Diseases Discovered?” with Professor Mark Kurth, UC Davis (Poster)
  • December 5: “Fuel from Water and Sunlight? How Science is Laying the Foundation for a Green Energy Revolution” with Professor Frank Osterloh, UC Davis (Poster)
  • November 7: “What Do Wine, Medical Imaging, and Airport Security Have in Common?” with Professor Matt Augustine, UC Davis (Poster)


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